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In Candy Crush 2014 level, the objective is to gather 10 yellow candies while using a total of 20 moves. You may obtain an idea of what you’re expected to accomplish on Candy Crush Saga level 2014 by reading the hints, watching the video, and going through the steps.


Maintain your whole concentration on popping the kernels as rapidly as you possibly can. Not only will Color Bomb candy emerge from the kernels, but bursting them will also extend the area in which you may match candies, making it much simpler to create extraordinary sweets. Pop the kernels. The same principle applies to icing. When you use Clearing Icing, the area in which you may match candies will grow, which will make it simpler for you to create unusual sweets.

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You shouldn’t have too much trouble producing exceptional sweets since there are candies of five different hues on the playing field (if you don’t include the yellow candies). Nevertheless, be sure to take your time and refrain from passing up any chances to create unique sweets. You should think about keeping unique candies in reserve until you can combine them. In order to take advantage of the greater benefit of doing so. Due to the fact that the kernels are situated in close proximity to one another. It is feasible, with a little bit of luck, to put two Color Bomb candies next to one other. Bear this in mind when you attempt to mix two different Color Bomb candies.

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When feasible, try to make candy matches that are either towards the bottom of the playing field or as low as is practicable. By acting in this manner, you will move the greatest number of candies. This will ideally set off a chain reaction that will lead to the creation of new chances to develop unique sweets. We encourage you to share any hints or helpful strategies. You may have for completing Candy Crush Saga level 2014 in the comment section below.

Helpful Tips:

I’m stuck on Candy Crush level 2014 and need some helpful hints. Wanda-12Aug 31, 2020 Video is on screen map I use Facebook to play games on my computer (MAP is different) Hello, and thank you for joining our community. To finish this level, you must fulfil all of the orders and earn a total of 10,000 points. You only have 20 moves remaining. The order includes ten candies in yellow. If you want to finish all of the order objectives. You should concentrate on crushing candies from the lower half of the table or from close to the blockers.


This will assist in clearing more space on the board, hence making more candies accessible for gameplay. Make an effort to combine more candies of the same hue to produce exceptional candies. Then combine these sweets to finish the orders and achieve the objective of 10,000 points. Watching the tutorial video that is provided below may provide you with more assistance or instruction.

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