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How to play “Color Trouble 3D”

Color Trouble 3D is a puzzle game where you must use colour to solve puzzles. You’ll start off with a few basic shapes like squares and triangles, and gradually work your way up to more complex ones such as circles, stars, hearts, and even animals. As you progress, you’ll unlock different modes and challenges to test your skills.

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The objective of each level is to fill the empty areas with the appropriate amount of blocks using the blocks that are available. This is done by matching colours together and moving pieces around. Once you’ve placed enough blocks, you’ll move onto the next stage. If you make it through all five levels without making a mistake, you’ll earn a star and proceed to the next level.

Tapping again while rotating will allow you to scale the block up or down. Holding down on the block allows you to drag it around the board. Dragging a block out of the grid will destroy it. If you accidentally drop a block, you’ll lose a life. You can regain lost lives by tapping the “Restore Life” button. You’ll fail the level when you run out of lives.

There are four different boards available, and each one has twenty different levels. After completing a board, you’ll unlock another one. Completing all 40 boards unlocks the final challenge. To help you along the way, there are several powerups scatter throughout the board. These include extra moves, superpowers, and special abilities.

A few of these abilities may be utilised more than once over the course of each level. For example, you can hold down on a square to double the size of it, or hold down on a triangle to turn it into a heart shape. When you complete a level, you’ll receive coins based on how many blocks you successfully moved. Coins can be spent on unlocking additional boards. For now, the game features just 10 boards. However, developer Mike O’Brien says he plans to add more over time. He also hopes to release future versions of the app for iOS and Android.


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