Here are some of the most embarrassing things that came out in Elon Musk’s text dum

Elon Musk's text dum

Elon Musk doesn’t want to be in charge. That’s a big surprise for someone who runs more than one company as CEO Elon Musk’s text dum.

In early April, Musk told Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal that he doesn’t like being in charge. This was before their relationship got so bad that they sent each other poop emojis.

To be honest, I hate doing management work. I’m not sure I should be in charge of anyone. Musk told Agrawal, “I love helping solve technical and product design problems, though.

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At first, it looked like Musk and Agrawal would get along well.

Agrawal told Musk, “Treat me like an engineer instead of a CEO.”

Jack Dorsey, the founder and former CEO of Twitter, regularly praises Agrawal’s engineering skills when they talk. But on April 26, Dorsey, Musk, and Agrawal talked about the takeover on a Google Hangout. The texts show that it didn’t go well.

At least it’s clear that you can’t work together. “That makes sense,” Dorsey said.

Elon and Parag get along because they are both engineers who were put in charge but just want to do design work.

Thank Doge that you don’t have to pay him to tweet.

Elon Musk has had some controversial ideas for Twitter, like making sure that all users are real people and making the algorithm public (which was actually Jack Dorsey’s idea). But making people pay Dogecoin to tweet might be his worst idea yet. This is how he plans to stop bot spam.

“I have an idea for a blockchain-based social media system that allows payments and short text messages and links, like Twitter. To get your message on the chain, you have to pay a small fee. This will stop the vast majority of spam and bots from getting through. There is no throat to suffocate, so freedom of speech is assured. ”

A few days later, on April 13, Musk’s idea became clearer.

“My Plan B is a blockchain-based version of Twitter where the “tweets” are built into the comments,” he told The Boring Company’s president, Steve Davis. “So you might have to pay 0.1 doge per comment or repost of that comment.”

This is good news. Musk later decided that a blockchain-based Twitter would not work at this time, which is good news.

On Elon’s phone, Jack Dorsey is called “jack jack.”

We already knew that Dorsey was on Musk’s train to take over the company. But it looks like the two business owners really do respect each other in these texts. So much so that Elon’s phone calls Dorsey “Jack Jack,” which is a nickname. cute!

Dorsey and Musk talked about what would happen to Twitter as early as March.

We need a new platform. It’s not a business. This is why I quit, “said Dorsey. Musk asked Jack Jack asked what Twitter should look like, and Jack Jack said, “I think it should be an open source protocol that is paid for by a kind of foundation that doesn’t own the protocol but only improves it.” Something like what Signal did It can’t be advertised in any way. ”

In an April public statement, Dorsey said, “Elon is the only solution I trust.” But he was just as nice to Musk behind closed doors.

“I appreciate you. This is the only way to go. Musk was told by Jack Jack that he would keep doing whatever it took to make it work.

“Gangsta mo,” says Gayle King, “to buy Twitter.”

Elon Musk doesn’t have a communications team and doesn’t like talking to reporters in general. But, sadly, he talks to Gayle King, who is a co-host of the CBS morning show.

“Elon! You’re either buying Twitter or making an offer to buy it. “Wow!” said the newscaster to Musk. “Now, don’t you think we should sit down together face to-face? This is a “gangsta move,” as the kids say today.

We’re pretty sure that’s not what the kids are saying. But it’s important to note that Gayle King is one of the few women that Musk ever talks to over hundreds of texts.

Musk then told Gayle King that Oprah should join Twitter’s board.

If my bid is successful, maybe Oprah would like to join the Twitter board. So-called “board governance” skills, which don’t mean much in my experience, are more important than so-called “board governance” skills.

To be honest, we would watch an Oprah interview with Elon Musk.

Joe Lonsdale wanted to put Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis together.

Joe Lonsdale also shows up. He co-founded Palantir and now runs the venture capital firm 8VC. Lonsdale recently said that racial differences in funding are due to black culture, and he called men who take paternity leave “losers.”

I love your tweet that says, “Twitter algorithms should be open source.” In late March, Lonsdale sent a text. “We can’t let shady censorship happen in our public squares.” Elon Musk’s text dum.

Musk’s answer was, “Absolutely. We have hidden corruption right now! ”

Lonsdale stopped by around the middle of April. “Haha, Governor DeSantis just called me to tell me that the public is rooting for you and that he has ideas for how to help you and is outraged at that board,” Lonsdale wrote. “Tell me if you or someone from your side wants to talk to him.” Musk’s answer was short and harsh “Haha, cool.”

Jason Calacanis volunteered to be the CEO of Twitter. When news of the offer to buy Twitter got out in April, angel investor Jason Calacanis couldn’t help but slip into Musk’s texts and joked that Musk should raise his offer to $54.21—”the perfect counter.”

It would be easy to get rid of bots and spam, which would make the service useful for a lot more people. Getting rid of bots and spam is a lot easier than what the Tesla team is doing, “Calacanis wrote. And why should only the rich, the press, and famous people get blue check marks?

What’s democratic about that? ” Elon Musk’s text dum

The next day, Calacanis jumped in with more unsolicited advice, like his suggestion that Twitter cut its staff by more than half to make its revenue math look better. Calacanis wrote, “Day 0.” Make your blades sharp, boys. 2 days a week in the office = 20% of people leaving on their own. ”

He also suggested that Twitter hire Mr. Beast to make original video content and try out more ways for creators to make money with video, which he called a “huge unlock.” For example, he suggested that Twitter give video creators 100% of ad revenue for their first $1 million and then split revenue with them.

Both Musk and Calacanis agreed that Twitter Blue is “an insane piece of shit” and that its features should be completely torn down and rethought. “These idiots spent a year on Twitter Blue to tell people exactly. “They can’t have it!” Calacanis sent an SMS.

When Musk asked Calacanis if he wanted to be a strategic advisor if the deal went through, Calacanis sent him a text that said the same thing as an oath: “Member of the board, advisor, whatever.” Calacanis wrote, “You have my sword.” “Coach, put me in the game!” “Being CEO of Twitter is my dream job.”

Soon after, it looks like his enthusiasm got him in trouble with Musk.

“Why are you trying to sell an SPV to strangers? “This is not okay,” Musk said in a May post. “Morgan Stanley and Jared Birchall, Musk’s wealth manager and right-hand man, think you’re taking advantage of our friendship.”

Calacanis defended himself by saying that the Musk/Twitter deal “captures the world’s imagination in an unimaginable way.” This is why he took it upon himself to field investment interests.

Calacanis said, “You know, I’m your ride or die brother. I’d jump on a grand for you, “which got him a tapback.

Joe Rogan was stoked.

Joe Rogan texted on March 23: “I REALLY hope you get Twitter.” “If you do that, we should have a great party!” (Musk’s answer was the 100 emoji.)

Rogan also asked Musk if he would “free Twitter from the people who want to censor everything.”

Musk said, “I will give them advice, which they may or may not follow.” Elon Musk’s text dum.

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