Free Fire Advance Server Apk Download 2022 Latest Version

Some of the game’s new features will be accessible for testing in Free Fire Advance Server before they are release to the general populace, making it a beta version of the game. This part of the client contains all of the game’s upcoming updates and future weaponry that have not yet been made accessible. An activation code OB35 APK Download may be acquire from the official website to begin playing Free Fire Advance.

Requirements Free Fire Advance Server:

A valid email address and a working phone number are required to acquire this code from the official website (which may be accessible through the applicable link). Considering that each activation code is unique and particular to the user.


Name Free Fire Advance Server
Genre Action
Version 66.27.0
Developer Garena International I
Size 797 Mb
Price Free


   Download Free

Keep in mind that only so many people can use the Advance server at the same time. Because of this, you probably won’t get the code for at least a few days. As in the original Free Fire, you’ll be able to take part in a similar combat royale. Even the most seasoned players will be surprised by the wealth of new features that have been added to the game. As a result, you won’t be able to carry over any progress you made on the Advance server to the regular version of Free Fire.

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Frequent questions:

What sets the Free Fire Advance mode different from the regular Free Fire mode?

The primary distinction between Free Fire and Free Fire Advance is that the former provides users with access to a more develop server. That includes test versions of weaponry and other components. Which will not be include in the final release of Free Fire or Free Fire Max.

Does playing Free Fire Advance need me to have an invitation code?

Yes. To participate in a free game of Free Fire Advance, you will need an invitation code.

How do I go about obtaining an activation code?

To play Free Fire Advance, you’ll need to go to their official website and fill out a very specific request form. It is not advisable to put any confidence in other websites even if they promise to give promo coupons.

Where can I get the Free Fire Advance download for Android?

Simply go to the apkonline catalogue on your Android device, and look for the APK file there. You will be able to complete the installation of the APK after you have downloaded it. Provided that you have enabled the installation of apk from third-party sources on your Android device.

When will the advanced server for Free Fire Advance be available to use?

In July of 2022, the sophisticated Free Fire Advance server will become available. You are require to register on the official website in order to submit a request to get access to the server. You will be given a code in response to your request for access, which you will need in order to join the game and take part in it.

Where can I find the advanced Free Fire server requires installation instructions?

In order to get access to the advanced Free Fire Advance server, you have to first submit a request for it on the website for the official Free Fire Advance game. Once you have the access code for the server. You will not have any difficulties when playing. Anyone is able to install the game on their computer.

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