Tim Cook on Technology: “I don’t think the metaverse exists.”

Tim Cook on Tech

In the real world, if you buy a house and sign a 30-year debt contract that hurts your gut, at least you can find comfort in your new home and find a real corner to cry in. Even if you don’t have a pixelated pot to pee in, you’ll still have debts in the metaverse. In The Wolf of Wall Street, Matthew McConaughey’s character says, “It’s all a fugaziā€”it’s fairy dust.” You can’t find it. The chart of elements doesn’t have it. Not the real thing. ”

What does NFT stand for?
How do NFTs work in reality?
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Before the crypto bros come after me, I should say that I believe in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are used to buy and sell things in the metaverse, but mostly as a new technology. In fact, I think most people don’t realise how powerful NFTs can be and think they’re just overpriced GIFs and avatars.

No matter how much you don’t believe it, NFTs have nothing to do with digital art. At their core, NFTs are just a way to use blockchain technology to keep track of who owns assets. A network like Ethereum will automatically keep track of this. So, if you want to sell an asset on an NFT marketplace like OpenSea, the buyer can see everyone who has ever bought, sold, or owned that asset, as well as how much each person spent, because all of these transactions are written down on a public ledger.

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How does one get a mortgage in the metaverse?

Metaverse land is very expensive, even though it is not real and can’t even be touched or felt. The cheapest piece of land you can buy on Decentraland, one of the most popular metaverse apps, costs about $5,500. The most expensive ones? Well, someone with way too much guts is trying to sell their land for a crazy $900,000,000. But someone did pay $2.4 million for a plot in Decentraland last November, making it the platform’s biggest purchase to date.

Why do you want to give a facepalm when you hear about metaverse mortgages?

You might think that I don’t like metaverse mortgages because I don’t trust the metaverse as a whole. So it’s not that, because I do believe in the metaverse. People interacting in a shared, interactive virtual world, which used to be Facebook, popularised the concept of people interacting in a shared, interactive virtual world.This idea is still in its early stages.

To put this into perspective, if we compare the growth of the metaverse to the growth of social media, we were right before MySpace came out, when Friendster and Xanga were becoming more popular. Metaverse platforms like Decentraland and Sandbox are all the rage right now, but they could be the metaverse’s version of Friendster and Xanga, which will go away when something bigger and better comes along.

Bottom line

Right now, anyone can link their cryptocurrency wallet to the Decentraland app, make an avatar, and walk around its huge virtual world. You’ll find casinos with poker tables, huge fields and parks, music events, and more. You can buy new gear for your avatar by putting Mana, a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum, in your wallet.

So, if Decentraland wants to make money, it should think about selling virtual billboards and marquees, or ad spaces.

They will be worth more if they are in places where a lot of people walk by. Advertisers can pay for these virtual ad spaces by signing up for monthly or yearly subscriptions. This lets investors get some of the money they put in back.


To bring in more avatars from all over the world, Decentraland would have to have big events like the Deadmau5 concert often. As these avatars move around the virtual world, they will see the interactive ads that can be clicked on. Investors will be happy because they will make more money from ad space. Advertisers will be over the moon because hundreds of thousands of people will see their marketing campaigns. And Decentraland users will be happy because they will be able to watch content that is hard to stop watching.

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