Story Saver Instagram App Old Version For Android

STORY SAVER FOR INSTAGRAM APK DOWNLOAD 2022: IG Saver & Repost is a tool that lets Instagram Stories and IGTV videos and photos be downloaded, reposted, and shared. Sign in to your Instagram account, choose the video or picture from your Instagram Story that you want to download or share again, and then click the icon.

story saver instagram download

Do you want to store a video or picture from the tale on your computer?

Visit the Story Saver for Instagram 2021 page to get help in a simple way. Story Saver and Story Downloader are two apps that can help you save videos and photos from your Instagram stories or private posts. We’re also here to encourage you to bring attention to the story saver and republish it. (==> Story Saver for Instagram 2021: IG Saver & Repost now lets you download videos from IGTV, which is a very big deal. The whole of Story Saver 2021 can be used for free.

story saver insta apk download

Principal Attributes:

  1. Story Saver 2021 – Story Downloader supports login with Facebook and Instagram
  2. Allow for the creation of numerous accounts
  3. Download the Instagram Story Saver app, save the video or snapshot, and then repost it.
  4. Click “Download,” then “Save,” to save the highlight from your Instagram story.
  5. Take care of your favorite account
  6. Tap the Download button to download numerous photos and videos from your Instagram Story.
  7. Tap the Download button to download multiple videos and photos from a post on Instagram. Assistance for the private post
  8. The Story Saver 2021 Apk allows users to save their pictures and profiles simply choose your profile picture from the menu at the top of the Story page.
  9. Put a bookmark in your preferred account and make it the most prominent one.
  10. Repost right from Story without having to download it first; this will save you time and money.
  11. Automatically repost the video and images from the previous post along with the commentary
  12. Repost and share any videos or photos that you have downloaded.

Use it in what way?

story saver apk

  1. Open an account using Instagram.
  2. Click the icon labelled “repost” to repost without downloading the video or picture; click the icon labelled “download” to download; click the icon labelled “share” to share on Facebook.
  3. To search your account and add it to your favorites, click the symbol located at the top of the page.
  4. To download the full HD version of your avatar, go to the narrative screen and click on the user’s avatar or username.
  5. To add another account or logout of the one you are currently using, click on the avatar on the home page.

Download :

Name Story Saver Instagram 
Genre Apps
Version 2.5.3
Developer Patigo Tools
5 MB
Price Free


  1. There is no connection between this app and Instagram.
  2.  Re-uploading your video or picture narrative is discouraged; before doing so, please get the owner’s permission.
  3. The user is solely responsible for any unlawful downloading or re-uploading of material, as well as any infringement of intellectual property rights that may occur as a result of their actions.

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