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Temple Run: Oz APK

The game is based on the film “Oz: Great and Terrible.” You are Dorothy Gale, a young girl who lives in Kansas. There you meet Toto, a dog, and the Wizard of Oz. Your task is to run around the land of Oz, collecting items and avoiding obstacles. As you play the game, there are different levels with increasing difficulty. It’s necessary to get three stars in each level. You may navigate using the touch screen. To jump, tap the screen. Stop by tapping the ground. You can slide under a wall when you reach it.

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Download “Temple Run: Oz”

Temple Run Oz Apk is a free puzzle runner game developed by Imangi Studios LLC. It is a sequel to Temple Run. In the game, you play as Ozzy Osbourne, the lead singer of Black Sabbath. You must run from one end of the level to another while avoiding obstacles like traps, spikes, pits, and enemies. You collect stars along the way, and once you reach the goal, you unlock the next level.

There are more than fifty stages in the game, and each one is based on a classic Black Sabbath track. Each level includes multiple paths, allowing players to choose where to go. You can download Temple Run: Oz for iOS devices. Tap Install and follow the instructions. If you don’t already have the Apple ID and password needed to sign into the App Store, you’ll need to set up your account before downloading the game. For help setting up your Apple ID, see “Set Up Your Apple ID.”

Name Temple Run Oz Apk
Genre Games
Version 1.6.7
Developer Imangi Studios
11.14 MB
Price Free


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This question was asked about a game called Temple Run 2, which features a character named “Tiki.

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What is the most recent release of Temple Run Oz?

Temple Run: Oz is one of the most well-known mobile games ever developed. It’s been downloaded over 50 million times, and it keeps growing every day. Now there’s a brand new Temple Run: Oz app that lets you experience the original Temple Run game even better. You can now unlock exclusive items and achievements and enjoy the game even more. Download the Temple Run: Oz app today and test out the latest features!

The Temple Run: Oz app is free to download and plays great on iPhone and iPad devices.

How can I download Temple Run Oz for PC?      

With over 500 million downloads, it’s no wonder why. You control a character named Ozzy Osbourne, who runs around trying to collect coins while avoiding obstacles along the way. Temple Run: Oz Apk Installation on Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Downloading Temple Run: Oz apks for Android is easy.

When did Temple Run Oz come out?

It features a runner called “Oz”, who must run through multiple themed worlds, collecting gems along the way. You can play Temple Run: Oz for free online on Android devices.

The game was originally launch in 2013 and became very successful. In 2017, it was update to version 2.0, which added a lot of new elements. One of those elements included a new world called “Oz”.

In 2018, the developers announced that they had been working on a sequel to the original Temple Run: Oz. They revealed that they planned to release the sequel in early 2019.

It includes everything that the original game does, including the same gameplay mechanics.

This Temple Run Oz apk contains all the levels from the original game, plus the new level “Oz”. Players can choose whether to play the original Temple Run: OZ or the new Temple Run: Oz. Both versions include the following features:

  • New graphics
  • New music
  • Temple Run

Where is Temple Run Brave?

Temple Run Brave is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Imangi Studios. In Temple Run Brave, you play as Merida, a brave princess who must save her kingdom from evil forces.

Is Temple Run free?

The game was originally price at $0.99, which seem like a great value. After all, you could play the entire thing without spending a dime. However, the developer quickly realis that people weren’t interested in paying for something that was already free. So, they took off the price tag. Now, the game costs nothing, but downloads are still limited.

Can we play Temple Run with friends?

The mobile gaming world is full of games like Candy Crush Saga, Clash Royale, and Angry Birds. But what about Temple Run? You know, the one where you run around trying to avoid obstacles while collecting coins? Well, it turns out that you can actually play the game with your friends. And it’s totally free.

You might think that playing Temple Run with friends is impossible because it requires players to be online. However, there are apps that let you use your phone without being tether to a Wi-Fi network. So, how do you make sure that everyone knows where to go? Here’s how:

First, download the app called Game Center. Then, tap Add Friend. Now, you can start running around together.

Once you’re ready to stop, simply tap Stop. When you’ve finished, tap Done. If you don’t see your friend listed under Games Played, check the box next to Online Friends Only. Now, you can both enjoy Temple Run together.

Which is the best Temple Run?

Subway Surfer is one of those games where you run along the tracks while avoiding obstacles like trains and falling off platforms.

Jumanji: Epic Run takes place inside the jungle, where you must navigate around traps and solve puzzles to save your friends. The gameplay is similar to the original Jumanji movie.

In this game, you control him and try to collect rings to move up the leaderboards.

Endless Run: Jungle Escape is a simple arcade game where you guide a little monkey named Mowgli through a maze full of dangerous animals and traps.

Lara Croft: Relic Run lets you explore ancient ruins and fight monsters. This version of Tomb Raider features a side-scrolling perspective and 3D graphics.

What is the thing in Temple Run?

The Evil Demon Monkey is the main antagonist of Temple Runner and Temple Run 2. They are evil and will try to steal the golden idol if you let them. You can use the powerups to defeat them.

In Temple Run 2, there’s a new type of monkey called “evil demon monkeys,” which appear after completing the game once and will try to steal your gold. This monkey is even more powerful than normal monkeys and needs to be defeat quickly. Use the power up wisely to defeat it.

How do you use coins in Temple Run?            

You earn them in the game world, and they increase your score. There are different kinds of coins, including gold coins, silver coins, bronze coins, and iron coins. Each type of coin provides a specific benefit. For example, gold coins give you extra lives, while bronze coins give you bonus speed.

When the Coin Value powerup appears, it gives you a choice of three types of coins. Choose wisely, because each one offers a unique advantage.

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