The Ironic Zombie

The Ironic Zombie

The HTML5 version of the Ironic Zombie game is back. The new one is much more exciting. The story of the game picks up where it left off. When the young adventurer man meets the mocker zombie, it tells him to fight bad zombies. Even though the young adventurer doesn’t understand most of what the zombies are saying, he decides to fight bad zombies by keeping his gun close. This is where the adventure starts. On the one hand, the mocker zombie is strong enough to carry and throw rocks, and on the other, the adventurer young man kills evil zombies with his gun and his brain. You decide what kind of result we can expect from this unity…

Mocker Zombie:

Change: “Arrow Keys”
Shot: “L”
“K” for “Carry/Throw the Box”
Weapon Change: “U”

Young Adventurer:

“W, A, S, D”
Shot: “F”
Grenade: “G”
“Q” for “Change Weapon”

Good luck!


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